How To Use

In accordance with the FDA-cleared instructions for use, when clinically necessary, Excellagen is applied topically to a chronic dermal or acute wound immediately following surgical debridement, a standard practice used by medical professionals to remove necrotic tissue resulting in a bleeding wound bed. As covered in the U.S. patent, the application of Excellagen following debridement, in the presence of a small amount of blood, promotes platelet activation and endogenous release of key wound healing growth factors, including platelet derived growth factor (PDGF-BB).

  • Off the shelf, ready to use
  • Pre-filled, single-use syringes containing 0.5cc, 0.8cc or 3.0cc, of Excellagen wound conforming matrix (in sterile packaging) to cover a variety of wound sizes and reduce waste
  • Supplied with sterile flexible applicator for easy access to all wound voids
  • No mixing, no staples, no sutures, no thawing
  • Viscosity optimized for complete, dripless wound coverage
  • Treatment at once weekly intervals
  • Refrigeration 36°-46°F / 2°-8°C required
  • For professional use only

Instructions For Use



  1. When clinically necessary, sharp debridement should be performed prior to application of Excellagen to remove necrotic tissue that may cause infection and to allow a small influx of blood into the wound.

  2. Open a product pouch and remove the Excellagen syringe and catheter applicator.

  3. Remove tip cap from the Excellagen syringe. Open the catheter package, pull off and discard the clear cover. Grasp the applicator tip hub and slide off the stainless needle. Discard the stainless needle. Attach the sterile flexible applicator tip to the Excellagen syringe by twisting the hub onto the syringe in a clockwise direction (do not touch the flexible tip).

  4. Spread Excellagen onto the entire wound surface, including the edges. For tunneled/undermined wounds, first determine the base of the wound bed utilizing the flexible applicator tip, and then fill the tissue voids. Avoid pressing the flexible applicator tip against the base of the wound to ensure the product is not prevented from exiting the applicator tip. Apply directly into tunneled or undermined areas. Discard unused material, if any.

  5. After application, overlay with a non-adherent dressing to maintain product adherence and to protect the wound area. Additional layers of gauze or foam dressings may be applied on top of the non-adherent dressing to manage exudate. Secure with outer stretch bandage.

  6. Change the outer dressings as needed to manage exudate.

  7. Change the non-adherent dressing and perform standard wound care procedures and assessments on a weekly basis.

  8. If the wound is not completely healed, Excellagen may be reapplied once per week.