Formulated Fibrillar Collagen (2.6%) Wound Conforming Matrix

Formulated Fibrillar Collagen (2.6%) Wound Conforming Matrix


A 3-dimensional wound conforming matrix that immediately activates platelets to accelerate healing in acute and chronic wounds

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The Evidence

Read case studies of results with Excellagen in Diabetic Foot Ulcers, Venous Stasis Ulcers, Pressure Ulcers, Mohs Surgery and Wound Dehiscence.


Physician Information


Excellagen is for use by healthcare professionals in the United States.

Excellagen is a flowable, formulated homogenate of purified bovine Type I dermal collagen with collagen's natural 3-dimensional fibrillar structure. Excellagen promotes chemotaxis, cellular adhesion, migration and proliferation to stimulate granulation tissue formation. Excellagen is indicated for non-healing lower extremity ulcers in diabetic patients, and other dermal wounds and is intended for physician use during debridement procedures, which are used to promote and stimulate wound healing.

  • Sterile, formulated collagen gel

  • Ready to use - no mixing or thawing

  • Flowable – no staples or sutures

  • Biocompatible physiologic pH


"Extremely rapid healing of an extensive lower leg wound...the patient’s high quality of life, including full, independent ambulation and driving ability, was restored." - Steven Smith, MD

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