The Excellagen Competitive Advantage

Excellagen is a pharmaceutically formulated, bovine dermal atelo-collagen homogenate in a 3-D staggered array (fibrillar collagen) dermal matrix.

Excellagen is a pharmaceutically formulated, bovine dermal atelo-collagen homogenate in a 3-D staggered array (fibrillar collagen) dermal matrix.


Excellagen® is a topically applied, syringe-based dermal matrix that functions to activate platelets, triggering release of key wound healing platelet-derived growth factors, and as a structural matrix for cellular migration and proliferation. It is an aseptically manufactured, pharmaceutically-formulated 2.6% fibrillar Type I bovine collagen that is configured into a staggered quaternary array of three-dimensional triple helical, telopeptide-deleted tropocollagen molecules. These linear arrays form a wound conforming, biocompatible and bioactive structural matrix that function to promote chemotaxis, cellular adhesion, migration and proliferation to stimulate granulation tissue formation.

Other marketed collagen-based products typically do not undergo the same degree of purification that Excellagen is subjected to, contain non-collagenous tissue components, are lyophilized or hydrolyzed and presented in a sheet configuration or a ground up powder requiring hydration before use. Excellagen’s ready-to use 2.6% formulated collagen wound conforming matrix allows for: 

  • Easy application to tunneling wounds via syringe, with a flexible applicator tip that conforms to the shape of the wound bed and fills deep, tunnel-like wounds and/or large surface areas

  • Versatile wound conforming formulation and the sterile, single use syringe applicator and tip allow for complete coverage, and intimate contact with wounds of varied etiology, shape, size, depth and surface contour

  • Immediately upon contact with a small amount of blood Excellagen induces activation of platelets and other growth factors including PDGF, the key mediator in wound heal.

  • Greater versatility and ease of use than fix-structured, sheet-based products that require cutting to size, fixation to the wound by suturing or stapling

  • Requires no product thawing or reconstitution before use. Furthermore, there is no product trimming or suturing required during application of Excellagen 

  • May minimize the need for more extensive surgical intervention such as grafts

  • Replaces damaged or missing tissue with 'like' tissue 



Excellagen Product Processing

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Excellagen is an aseptically manufactured, flowable dermal matrix consisting of a stabilized formulation of renatured atelopeptide bovine fibrillar tropocollagen supplied in prefilled, ready to use syringes. Excellagen is manufactured according to Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and requires controlled temperature storage (2-8°C/34-38°F) to maintain structural integrity and bioactivity. Excellagen has a shelf life of approximately 3 years.

During manufacture, the collagen component of Excellagen is purified using a specialized, validated aseptic process that effectively inactivates potential contaminating viruses, eliminates impurities, and removes denatured molecules and collagen fragments. Excellagen consists almost exclusively of high molecular weight, intact, fibrillar collagen and is formulated at a concentration of 2.6% (26 mg/mL) in a physiologic buffer with protein stabilizing agents.




On October 10, 2017, Excellagen was granted an Intellectual Property Patent (2013/0096064A1) “Flowable Formulations for Tissue Repair” based on the following attributes:

  • A method to repair a wound by promoting PDGF release by platelets by entering by an in-situ microstructural matrix

  • A permeable microstructural fibular matrix to act as an in-situ scaffold for migration of cells by administering a formulation comprising renatured atelopeptide tropocollagen

  • The wound is selected from a group consisting of a traumatic injury wound, a diseased state, an iatrogenic wound, a soft tissue wound a chronic wound and a combination thereof

  • The formulation further comprises a wound-healing agent